Thursday, October 17, 2019

How Standards Set Improve Organizational Performance Assignment

How Standards Set Improve Organizational Performance - Assignment Example Through creating a golden package, they were to rival their competitors and remain the market leaders as they created a fast instant delivery. FedEx has various ways to motivate their employees. The staffs are given more authority in their business decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Through this, employees are actively involved in the production hence are more confident about the company since the company trusts them. Workers are also more united towards the business hence their sense of togetherness that provides extra energy at the workplace. The company also set an excellence award to best performing station. This creates hard work and motivates the staffs even more since their productivity would be reorganized. In any organization, managers play a key role in the success of the company. In FedEx, managers act as the link between employees and management ensuring clear dissemination of information from the top to the bottom hence the efficient flow of work. They set clear objective goals that are to be achieved by the company increasing the profitability of the organization. They also act as a unifying factor among the teams that ensures cohesion, collective responsibility for the benefit of the organization. Managers also provide a working example to other teams as shown by helping in times of emergencies hence clearly defining expectations. The task force- this is a team designed with specific responsibility to solve an assignment that is allocated to them by the management (Griffin & Moorhead, 2010). This is shown by the organization setting up companywide projects team so as to counter-attack competitors. Functional teams - Ensures specific functions are carried out in different parts (Daft, 2010). This can be explained by FedEx creating different business units e.g., FedEx ground, FedEx express and many more.

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