Saturday, October 19, 2019

Business Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Ethics - Research Paper Example An exemplification of this structure exists with respect to the way in which joint oversight is shared between teams and continual peer review is practiced. Essentially, David Pinder established this organizational structure as a means of ensuring that a certain individual or group of individuals did not have total and complete oversight with respect to the way in which projects were accomplished and work was performed (XIAOJUN 383). By diversifying the overall level of the review and overview process, he was able to effectively ensure that a further level of ethical standard was implemented within the firm and individuals were held accountable for all decisions that were made. Additionally, even though this structure is of course evident, other business leaders would have been satisfied with the ethical norms and standards that have thus far been put forward. However, in David’s case, he was specifically interested in promoting an even further level of ethics by ensuring that he maintained an open door policy that would allow stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues with him at any time; should they feel they are relevant to the continued success of the firm or their continued happiness as an employee. In terms of the actual steps that David Pinder has taken in order to ensure that an ethical culture is established, it should be understood by the reader that the immediate establishment of vision and philosophy, as well as ground rules and expectations for how employees understood their roles and responsibilities with the central element of establishing the steps that ensured this ethical culture. Essentially, the priorities that were established prior to any work being performed were concentric upon respect, dignity, happiness, and engagement (Li et al. 830). As can be noted, none of these are concentric on profit. The establishment of vision and

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