Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Creativity in the classroom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Creativity in the classroom - Essay Example Some teachers may take hands off attitude in terms of not caring whether students concentrate on the subject taught in the classroom. With such an attitude, teachers may engage in ignoring difficult topics they feel may not attract the attention of students. Students on their part, may engage in shifting blame on their teachers for failing or losing interest on a course or subject (Boyer 82). Professors need to come up with creative measures that will enhance the student interest on a subject or course. How one teaches, impacts on the students concentration in the classroom. Teachers need to make the subjects or topics they teach in the classroom more interesting and rewarding for both the teacher and the student. In addition, the teachers need to relate with students in a manner that is informal, prior to beginning a lesson in a classroom setting. This helps in creating a working alliance between the teacher and student in the classroom setting and ease up tensions while teaching su bjects’ students regard as tough to understand. I concur with Boyer on his suggestion that teachers should focus on caring for their students since, it allows students to interact positively with their teachers and concentrate more on what is taught in the classroom. ... s, students lack interest in studying and engage in practices such as cheating in their assignments, they buy term papers and this impacts negatively on the education system (Boyer 85). Professors need to develop personal interest in their student’s progress and related to courses they teach in the classroom. As part of enhancing creativity in the classroom, teachers need to encourage student participation where, the students have the opportunity to speak or reflect their views on the subject being taught. This way, students develop interest to learn more and gain understanding of the subject being taught. It is true that the class size matters in terms of improving student concentration in a class. The moment a class is packed, the teachers are not able to keep track with the student’s performance in class. The only students who benefit in such an environment are the bright students while those struggling in class continue to lose and underperform (Boyer 86). In additi on, a controlled class size provides the teachers with ample time to check on each student’s effort and performance in the class. Quality education require lecturers to focus their concentration on both lower and upper courses. In most colleges, it is a common trend for lecturers not to focus their attention on lower courses and give more attention to the upper division courses. Small class enhance discussions compared to a large size class where the attention span for student is affected by engaging on other distracting activities because the lecturer is unable to keep track of every student in the classroom. As reiterated by Boyer, freshmen need to be taught by finest teachers and small size classes that promotes lively participation in class discussion and improve student interest in their

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