Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pressure on students Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pressure on students - Research Paper Example The students may end up in unfair practices because of the pressure that is being imposed upon them. In several instances it is seen that the students have cheated for their exams so that they can achieve better grades. In other words pressure is causing the students to go through ethical dilemmas which they otherwise may not go through. Similarly it is also found that the students undergo anxiety because of the pressure that they feel. Moreover in exams the students may not be able to perform well because of this very pressure. It has been argued by many that this pressure can create many difficulties for the students and this aspect would be further analyzed in this essay (Welch et al 2007). Students are pressurized by parents mostly to perform better so that they can achieve good grades. But this pressure has been directly linked to the anxiety found in the students. This anxiety can further affect the results of the students in a special environment. It has been found that studen ts who are anxious when giving a test tend to perform lower than the ones who have not been informed. In other words the students who tend to be pressurized about a test perform lower than the ones who are not pressurized about it. Another process of ‘catastrophizing’ may occur when the students fear the consequences of the test before even attempting it. This again is a process through which the students are pressurized and this affects the grades of the students. In other words high pressure can affect the grades of the students negatively rather than positively (Welch et al 2007). During the student life it is seen that the students have to undergo a lot of pressure from parents and peers. A study conducted showed that students of both genders were under pressure from their peers during their school life. It is because of this that the students have to undergo a great deal of pressure and this affects their grading. Students who undergo pressure cannot withstand it a t times and they undergo other social problems while trying to achieve better grades (Gewertz 2005). Pressure on students is enforced by the parents and peers so that they can achieve good grades. Professor Eric Roberts has blamed the norm of getting higher grades a primary problem which increases plagiarism and cheating in academic institutions. It has been found that the pressure inflicted upon the students by parents and peers leads to a greater level of stress amongst the students. The problem has become so bad that the stress levels have also been indicated to be a health epidemic. It has also been found that because of the stress levels the students tend to forget the ethical values that are involved in education. A lecturer Clark Pope stated that â€Å"The students "know [cheating] is wrong; they tell me they wish they didn't do it†¦."But they feel like the most important thing they do is get the grades, by hook or by crook." This clearly shows that to achieve higher gr ades the students forget their ethical limits and get involved in the practice of cheating. Achieving higher grades has become a norm for every student and this should be somehow removed from the minds of the students. The students on one hand are able to achieve higher grades but on the other hand the ethical problems are on the rise and this can be accounted to the pressures that these students are facing (Palmer 2005). The problem of peer and parent pressure in students has increased so much that Stanford

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