Monday, February 3, 2020

Organisational Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organisational Behaviour - Essay Example Events at Work and their Relation to the Theories of Organisational Behaviour A notable incident that took place at work during the week was the instigation of a conflict between the management of the company and the bottom-end employees, who perform the tasks like housekeeping, cafeteria management and other miscellaneous errands of the office. This group of employees were not happy with the company’s projected offer for salary increases and benefit packages over the next five years and were threatening to strike unless the company agreed to increase the salary and benefit packages to a satisfactory level. These employees perceived that the company was being indifferent towards them and hence felt discriminated. On the other hand, the management of the company felt that these employees were being unreasonable in their demands. This resulted in a stressful situation between the two parties. Stress is generally characterised from a ‘demand-perception-response’ view point. The fundamental notion is that stress depends on both the person’s perception of the demands being made from them and also on their perception of their potential to fulfil those demands. Any disparity between the two perceptions would lead to stress for the individual1. This conflict situation could have accelerated and resulted in a lot of stress in an organisation possessing an uncooperative organisational culture.  As a consequence of such a scenario, the employees within the organisation would have felt secluded and alone.   Nevertheless, the company employed the most excellent defence against such a circumstance, viz. healthy communication. This approach of discussing the issue on equal grounds facilitated the company to solve the matter and reach at a settlement. This approach was in alignment with the principle introduced by ‘Roger Fisher and William Ury’ that groups in disagreement ought to focus on their requirements and not on their positions . When the groups concentrate on positions, they are likely to emphasise on the differences, but when they focus on needs, they would find they have more in common than what they had thought2. However, this incident made the company’s management realise the significance of conflict management as well as stress management. Consequently, a mentor was appointed to hold workshops in order to help the people cope up and relief organisational stress. The mentor attempted to understand each participant’s perspective; set ground rules for improved healthy communication between the parties; trained participants on efficient communication styles; equalising power; and helped participants’ plan for future interface. This approach helped to lessen stress by promoting a positive attitude in the company2.   The other prominent event that took place in the company during the last few days was the conduction of a training programme targeted to enhance the work life balance of the employees as well as motivate them in order to improve their overall job performance. The human resource management of the company believed that work-life equilibrium is a significant concern that requires substantial notice. Due to the altering characteristics of the global economy, a large number of companies, particularly those operating in the telecom sector have to function on a 24/7

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