Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marketing Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing Analysis - Assignment Example Nevertheless, the discussion of the assignment endeavours to identify the key elements of marketing mix approach by analysing these and provides effective recommendations in relation to the primary objective of commencing bicycle shop in the growing market of Oxford. The overview of the current bicycle shop business industry in the UK has long been witnessed to attain major growth since the preceding few decades. In relation to the emerging trends, the bicycle business industry in the UK has been apparently witnessed to accomplish 8.5% growth in the year 2012 (Reed Business Media, 2013). In the context of size, the cycling market of Oxford is noted to gain continuous development especially across the locations adjacent to the universities and other educational areas (Farrelly, 2014). According to the recent observation of the market, the size of the cycling market in Oxford is mainly covered by a wide range of demographics including the income level, gender along with current social status of the customers (Grous, 2011). Correspondingly, the emerging trend of using bicycle by the students and other customer groups in an immense manner is also noted to ensure a major opportunity for the marketers to successfully attain their desired commercial goals (Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts’ Accessories’ Industry, 2012; Transport for London, 2010). It is worth mentioning that the aspects including strong social inclusion and greater focus on environmental protection related interests of the customers can be duly regarded as the major external environment factors leading to increase the demand of bicycle in Oxford (Nielsen, 2010). The recent trend regarding the use of bicycle in Oxford has been viewed to experience continuous development. In relation to an in-depth observation, it is evident that the city of Oxford along with its surrounding areas are experiencing continuous growth due to the usage of bicycles for different purposes. The

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