Sunday, November 3, 2019

Argument Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Argument Analysis - Assignment Example moted to write the article by the heavy persuasion from his followers, who emphasized that Santiago could be right, which would see him reconsider his previous position (Ebert 1). The article takes on a debate which has featured in other article, including â€Å"Sorry MoMA, Video games are not art† which was published in the guardian online magazine (Jones 1). However, the author was prompted to write the article, mainly, by the response of game producer Santiago and the attention offered to the issue by his followers and audience. For that reason, the article is directed towards clearing Santiago’s criticism, as well as offering his audience, more information about his position on the issue (Ebert 1). The common experience among the target audience is that they are art and Video game enthusiasts, and in their view, video games are as interactive as traditional art. For that reason, it is possible that they hold a biased view of the issue, mainly because the audience a nd Santiago are all presenting personal views of art and games. Through authoring the article, the author hopes to clear the air about the issue, therefore communicating the rationales behind his statements that video games are not art (Ebert 1). The author of the article, Robert Ebert has worked in the area of critiquing film for the Chicago Sun-Times starting 1967. Through his career, he has been recognized by the Hollywood walk of fame, awarded a star and pointed out as an â€Å"honorary member of the Directors guild of America† (Ebert [b] 1). The author’s occupation is film critic, screenwriter and journalist; therefore his strong background in the field qualifies him to be a noteworthy writer on the topic. His entry into the field of journalism during his early years qualified him to grow into a highly experienced film and art critic. The author’s political inclination was neutral, and that was evident from his emphasis that his kindness insulates all his political beliefs (Ebert [b]

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