Saturday, May 2, 2020

Life in a Soup Bowl free essay sample

The vibration of voices caused the steaming water in my soup bowl to ripple across the plastic bowl until the wave was distinguished by an overlapping ripple. I shifted the bowl closer to my body, allowing my skin to absorb the heat from the soup as I breathed the smell of hot broth. Although I wasn’t fond of onions, I picked up the soup straddle to taste. I have tasted many of soup, maybe in the hundreds but I’m not particularly fund of any recipe. Not that I dislike like soup, I just haven’t found a soup worth a second taste. I love the way its smell, the feelings of a blistering steam hitting my pours in vapor form, and its unusual texture and appearance but not its taste. It’s hard to rationalize that soup has vastly impacted my life, the way I live my life, and the way I look at the lives of others but it has. We will write a custom essay sample on Life in a Soup Bowl or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Soup has made me the person I am today. You can’t always tell what’s in a soup by its appearance, you must examine it, taste it whether you think care for it or not. You can’t say you don’t like a soup because of its name, you must try it; for every restaurant, store, or company makes that soup a different way using different ingredients producing a unique taste. People are virtually the same way. You can’t tell what a person is like from the way they look, you must examine them, get to know them, and befriend them before you can formulate an opinion about them. Just because you are close to one person named Sara doesn’t mean you will be found of every person named Sara. Like soup, everything in life must be examined for its true identity. You must research to find facts but not every piece of knowledge can be acquired regardless of whether that thing is a soup or a person being investigated. I know that I don’t know the answers to everything, but I’m not sure that a nyone does. But isn’t that what college is for anyway; to investigate every soup, without judging its names or ingredients, to formulate a personal take on a number of different soups using experience?

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